PC Games Time Sinks and You

Anyone who has any idea about any MMORPG will instantly recognize the phrase. Time sinks are the worst thing since... well, there are a lot of bad things, but I'm gonna go with Kameo;).

They (obviously:stare:) steal your time, and dont give anyone but the MOST hardcore of gamers any satisfaction. And even THOSE gamers say they could definately do without them.

If you've searched some game forums online, you've probably already seen the rants that people can get into when speaking about time sinks and how ridiculously evil and vile and widespread they are.:nod: They're everywhere in MMOs, and usually come with mundane names, such as 'mining' or 'woodcutting' or 'jewelcrafting'.

Some MMOs are entirely time sinks:D

What i want to know here is-

Are they gonna end?

And by asking that sorta dumb question i want to know-

Who is gonna end 'em?


Post me your thoughts on sinks and their causes. Are they necessary? Do they accomplish anything?:confused: Is there a remedey in sight? Will they EVER END?:confused:
The time sinks are unfortunately and probably necessary. Without a struggle there is no reward, If you would remove the time sink and just give out jewels or money or whatever to any players who wanted them then everybody would have the greatest set of equipment with the best ass-kicking enchantment on it. A game that would allow that would soon loose its players because there would be no more to accomplish, the thing that keeps all these MMORPG alive and fun to play is the feeling of growing and getting better. So if everybody had what they wanted from the beginning, this feeling is lost and so is the game. Sad but true, they will NEVER END... ever