Time Seal, Wednesday July 5th 2006

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Why is this card banned you may ask. Well we have the Asian meta game to blame for that. While we are stuck over here with our limited card poll they were overe there freezeing time with this card to unless Victory Dragon. It's rahter sad that Victory Dragon is so broken it had meta's that didn't even play it feel it's raft.

Oh wellZ right. The ideal deck with this was simple. Have 3 Time Seals, 3 Drop Off's, Tsukuyomi, 3 Mask Of Darkness, a few other picks and you were winning in no time at all. It's fnny that this deck never saw competative play, but to say the least it wasa good deck. I ran a varient of it and won many cards that day, so you know the deck is good.

Aside from getting banned though, and not effecting the meta to much it's not greatly missed.

Traditional: 3/5
Advanced: Banned
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