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Time off from work/office


1- During the year...
How much annual leave are you allowed to take?
Do you get paid leave? Sick leave? Unpaid leave?
If you don't get the vacation on time, do you carry it over 'til the next year?

2- During the day..
Do you take any break from the office? Inside or outside? How many minutes?


1- In Albania we're allowed to have 21 work-days off per year. (or 28 days off, including weekends).
On top of that, we also have 13 days of official holidays. All is paid.
We're also allowed to take up to 30 days of UNPAID leave.
As for the carryover vacation(annual leave), it should be concluded until March of the next year, or else you don't get it.

2- During the day we're allowed to have only a 30-min. break, INSIDE the building..
I TOTALLY dislike this as I feel suffocated if I don't go outside to relax myself and walk a bit. It's the downside of my job, (which is actually located in a very popular/preferable area of my city). It's a pity we don't enjoy it so this makes me "invent" and force myself to run any errand (work-related) so that I can go outside for at least 30 min. most days.


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1. I get 15 work days off. Holidays another 10. We have no sick or personal days but I just say what I need and get the time off.
The nature of my work is that I work a lot of extra hours and do not get overtime. So they always owe me days. I never have an issue with taking a sick or personal day.
There is no carry over but I tend to make sure I take my time off. My job is stressful and I need it.

2. I have no set breaks but I am usually on the road at a different client every day (fixing computer/network issues) and I can take a break whenever I need one.
I make it a point to take at least a half an hour for lunch.