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TIME Magazine to cut 300 jobs


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But this isn't about struggling to stay above water. It seems TIME magazine is doing quite well enough as it is, but instead of doing well, they want to be doing GREAT! In a recent move, they have announced that roughly 300 magazine jobs will be cut in order to focus more on online magazines. This is quite interesting and a bold move on their part.

The New York Times > Log In

I always thought the editors were one in the same but I guess I was wrong..


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This is an unfortunate trend in other industries as well. In my area there are reports of Ford and Nortel cutting jobs too.

Actually this story makes me curious to check out Time's online presentation.


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While things may be going toward the internet, I don't know that I'd cut off my nose to spite my face in the print market. There are still a ton of people that aren't connected to the internet. I'm not sure it's such a great idea right now. Come about 10-20 years, it might be okay since most people who aren't computer users will likely be dead, but now there's still a need for the actual print magazine.