Time Machine


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Okay, so you dig up a time machine and you are very curious if it still works, you jump on it and set in a date, but the question is, what date will you go back to? Why?

I would go back to 18th of November, I went to this wedding, met this chick and to this day I still regret of not talking to her at the start.


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If it were a case of what would I change? I'd change nothing. It was a sequence of events that led me to the life I have, and I'd never change it. I was 12 when my Dad passed away, and I'd love to see him again and talk to him, but if that did not happen, then the sequence of event would not happen that led to me being a Dad, and if I was a Dad, then the Son I would have would not be the same, and their is no way I would change my Son [of course.]

If it's a case of go back in time and view events... I did that next week. I can do just about anything in my mind.


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5th grade. The good old days started there, and I could change things and make them better. I mean that I could dig myself out of this huge hole that I've gotten into of which I realize there's no way out of.


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I don't think I would go back and change anything, even tho there would be things that I would like to change in my life, but I think it would be best to leave it. Don't want to mess with that kind of stuff lol. Remember that episode from the Simpson's?


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I'd go back to the 18th of November and warn this chick about some stalker that might try and chat her up.

I wouldn't go back and change anything really. I believe everything happens for a reason and right now I am happy with my life. If I changed something from past I may not be where I am right now.


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My past is a disaster area/one long heartache/monumental clusterfuck. If the machine could only send me in that direction, I'd set it for a few hours back, to the point in time just before I was about to find it. "I am FutureTucker! Trust me, you don't want to excavate in that spot."


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I'm pretty content with my life right now. My past has some ups and downs, but I've made to where I am today and I'm happy.