Time for something new..


No Custom Title Exists
Got sick of the SpiderMan sig (Sorry Kyo)

And I feel like changing to wrestling..

Anyways, Can someone (Omega, or Kyo) make me a wrestling sig..

Please include, Batista, Matt Hardy and Rey Mysterio.


Put a text under his name "Unleash The Animal"

Matt Hardy
Put a text under his name "Stronger Than Death"

Rey Mysterio (kinda faded in the backround)
Put a text under his name "619"

Text: Smackdown Super Stars.

And under each wrestler..put their name..like Batista..

And make the text animate like in the Spidey sig, same font tho


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
I was wondering when you were going to get rid of that thing, even I got sick of looking at the animation for so long:sweatdrop:

All three in one tag?! Ummm.....can I just do one and like get the other two back at cha when I can with different tags? All three wouldn't look right in a tag and animating them to look like it wouldn't look right either...