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  1. masterswrd

    masterswrd Guest

    3x ancient gear golem
    3x ancient gear beast
    3x ancient gear soilder
    3x ancient gear cannon
    3x ancient gear
    2x choo-choo
    3x giant rat
    2x ancient gear castle
    2x ancient gear drill
    1x ancient gear factory
    1x heavy storm
    2x giant trunade
    1x m.s.t
    1x limiter removale
    3x sakurestu armor
    1x damage condenser
    1x bottomless trap hole
    2x statue of the wicked
    2x trap hole
    1x torrential tribute

    so basically, I am trying to build a crowler deck and if you please do not take out the statue of the wickeds anything else i will take into consideration.
    -1 pot of avarice, +1 giant trunade.-1 ancient gear, -2 adhesive explosive, + 2 choo-choo. -1 damage condenser, +1 torrential tribute, -1 bth, + 1 trap hole.-1 giant trunade, +1 m.s.t., -1 ancient gear factory, +1 giant trunade.

  2. vampire lord

    vampire lord Guest

    looks cool. not sure how it works so maybe we can duel and then maybe i can suggest some things. look in my sig for my aim address.
  3. Kos4Evr

    Kos4Evr Registered Member

    A nice little fun fact about the Ancient Gear monsters: Their defense is the same as their attack. That means they can easily abuse Sword and Shield.

    By the way, in testing a similar deck, it was revealed that Ancient Gear (the level 2 monster) is not good.

    Ancient Gear Castle is THE single best support for Ancient Gear Decks.

    Ancient Gear Factory and Pot of Avarice conflict as 1 requires the removal of monsters in the grave from play while Avarice adds them back into the deck.

    Ancient Gear Drill works best from grabbing quickplay spells like Limiter Removal or Mystic Space Typhoon because then they don't have to sit on your side of the field until your next turn where they become targets for MST or Heavy Storm.

    I applaud your strict theme though.
  4. masterswrd

    masterswrd Guest

    well, in testing this deck on yvd, I found that yes avarice does conflict with ancient gear factory but, the ancient gears are well placed when soilder is the only thing out sp one o these guys then sak it for beast or both for ancient gear golem and yes if your oppent doesnt get to destroy the castle it is the best tool in the box.
  5. KillaKidd

    KillaKidd Guest

    9/10 very nice solid and original

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