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Time Flies


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Ever since I started my new job, I have not been knowing what's going on. I recently found out about the wildfire in California and I guess the Red Sox won the world series? I am a cable installer and i was working yesterday and the kids was at home. I was like shouldn't they be in school. Then I realized that it was Sunday. It just felt like a weekday for some reason. Anyone else experience this kind of syndrome from their jobs?


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That happened to me a lot when I was working a nightshift position a few years ago. I had odd hours to begin with, and sometimes it was easy to forget what day it was. The good news is that time flies and the paychecks seemed to come pretty quickly, unlike boring jobs where it seemed like months between paychecks.


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I have a huge problem with time management during the summer months. Without college to keep my days straight, and a work schedule that doesn't change, I tend to forget which day or the week it is. Once, this past summer, I was off by over a week.