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Time Capsules


aka ginger warlock
When the Voyage space craft was launched it not only was crucial for exploring the universe but also because it had something very special inside; a golden record containing audio and visuals with the hope that if intelligent life came across it they could listen to it and be able to have an idea of us. Voyager is still going and to our knowledge no-one has
listened to it or if they have they simply didn't know what to do with it.

It could be argued this is not a true time capsule but I would argue that it is, it records something that represents human kind at that stage and surely that is the point of a time capsule. So my question is if you were asked to make a time capsule that would not be opened for one hundred years what would you place in it? Do you think things will have changed as much as Back to the Future 2 would like us to believe (hey, they still have three years) or in a way have we go the point where things are somewhat stagnant technology wise, if you think about it technology has not changed that much, sure the iPhone 5 has gotten thinner but you can't really say this is a massive leap.

So what would you put in? I need to think about mine but I am interested in others.


Free Spirit
Staff member
Right now what I would put in it is money because I look for the day to come soon when you will never see your cash.

I think its a mistake broadcasting to the universe the Earths location. The attention we attract may not be good.
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