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Time capsule


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If you had a chance of creating a time capsule and planting it in your backyard, what would be the contents of the time capsule?

I would put in the important details, how the economy was, who was the leader, how they did and obviously information about myself and my family so that people can claim it and learn where I come from and all.

Would be epic knowing that hundred years down the road, someone digs it up.


Well in my case the time capsule would be about me and I would put the following in it. . . . . . .

These I saw come and go in my lifetime

A 8 track tape
A Cassette tape
A video tape
A rotary telephone

now for my favorite things to date for the capsule. . . . . . .

A KISS item (KISS is my all time favorite band)
A ELVIS item (Elvis is my all time favorite singer)
A bag of licorice strawberry (my favorite since kindergarten)
A Three Stooges item (my favorite comedy team ever)
A few of my favorites from my autograph picture collection
An empty egg carton ( I have eaten 2 eggs everyday since kindergarten)
A few pictures of all my dogs I ever owned
My Atari 800xl computer with a floppy disk drive and some disks and cartridges
A gallon of iced tea as it has been a favorite of mine since kindergarten
A case of Coor's Light my beer of choice
A box of tea bags as I also love hot tea not coffee


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I thought of newspapers, clippings of major events in the past century. But looking at Atari's post, it would be nice to include materials so they can actually get samples. An encyclopedia too and a vain page just about me :lol:.