Time Capsule Project

Future Generations want to know what our era was like.
What should be put in the Time Capsule?
Please make sure it is pre 2000 and size does not matter here

How about the father of video games. . . . . . .
An ATARI 2600 with joysticks, Paddles and a few games


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Time capsule for future generations? I think all the video we are producing will be enough..
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I can't remember anything pre-2000, to be honest. That's such a long time ago. All I could probably put in there is a bunch of action figures.
Why pre-2000? Why not include items from 2000-2010?
Well pre 2000 would be before the new millennium and hence the time capsule will have things that you do not see to much of today.

I would put in some vinyl records, 78s, 45s and 33 1/3's and a turntable with a few extra needles


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I'd put in one of the first IBM computers available through retail.

I'd also put in an N64 with Mario 64 and GoldenEye 007. :)

And an original brick cell phone.
Hm...thats actually a good question.

Definatly have to put in a yo-yo. Yeah I'm a 90's child. Hm...some baseball cards, a baseball glove, baseball and a bat of course.

One of the old school laptops for sure! And a Mac laptop.