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Till Death Do You Part....


Babeasaurus Sex
So I day dream....A Lot!

Sometimes I like to plan out my wedding...not in a psycho "I WILL HAVE THIS" Bridezilla fashion but just little things like I want to get married in an abbey and I'd like it to be winter.....and other such girly things!

My question is does anyone else do this and if so fancy sharing any non negotiable aspects of your dream wedding?

Guys: How do you feel that your wedding may already be dictated?

Personally I know that my partner will be so close to me that as long as us and the vicar are there all will be well! (As long as I have my ice blue roses! Lololol)

I'd be really upset if the guy I was marrying didnt have/want to have any say in the procedings!


Registered Member
I don't dream about a wedding anymore.....truth be told, I don't think I ever dreamt of a wedding when I was younger.
The hell I witnessed as a child, I sorta never planned on marrying OR having children *ha*
My first wedding was huge...big gown, large tiered wedding cake....roses all around......my second wedding was simple, we went before the justice of the peace.
Both ended up in divorces...but I received 4 beautiful children from my ordeals :)


Mark ov teh Pond
I wouldn't say it's non-negotiable, but my idea of a grand wedding is just the couple, and parents & siblings. In an isolated location, like a cabin. 10 people at the most. That's what I dream.

Not trying to sound like a downer...I never had much to offer and I don't see that changing much over the years. I don't much care for the spotlight either, and have a bit of stage fright. A big wedding would spook me, and not in the "you're getting married. You're suppose to be nervous!" kinda way. More like the "is all this really necessary?" kinda way. It wouldn't really bother me though, it depends on who my bride to be is and what she'd like. If it goes big, it goes big.


I don't think about my wedding and never really dreamed of it. I mean, I want to get married someday but I don't have a dream wedding and don't have specific things I'd like to have on that day.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I never really think about wedding specifics. I suppose I would have to meet the right person before it would even cross my mind.

I think I want to have an outdoor wedding, but other than that I don't care too much. I'd probably offer suggestions for a lot of the other stuff, but let my future wife choose whatever makes her happy.


Where is my Queen?
Guys: How do you feel that your wedding may already be dictated?
I would not care what kind of wedding I have, when I find the right one she can have a big or small wedding at anyplace and at anytime...all I want her to do is say I do.


Babeasaurus Sex
Thanks all for the replies.

Dabs - I can understand that now ou wouldnt think of one anymore but when you were planning your first wedding was there never a point where you were like "I've always wanted this style dress/roses/honeymoon so I'll have it"

LITP - I love you I really do! as far as not having much to offer - rubbish you're awesome! In terms of material goods only you can make that change dude and I believe one day you will! I do like the idea of intimate weddings...I too would get stage fright and despite there only being two words i'd probably forget what to say and be like "Do I?" :lol:

Elly - I'll be honest I kinda had you down as being like me on this one :) how wrong I was lolol <3

Echoes - Outdoor weddings are so beautiful!!

General - I know what you mean! A lot of guys are happy for the girl to just be happy on that day so they sit back and let her do her thing.


Sally Twit
I haven't dreamed about my wedding but I have dreamed about the proposal.
I'd love to be engaged.


Well-Known Member
Considering i'm not sure if I ever want to get married, I haven't dreamed about what my wedding would be like. Even as a kid, I didn't really dream about it like you hear some kids do. I just don't see why you need a piece of paper to verify that you love someone, I guess.


Supreme System Lord
Not something I really think about at my age, it's also not something I'm planning on doing just yet.

As long as I'm marrying the right person at the right time then I probably wouldn't be too fussed on the actual arrangements. I'd be fairly happy to let her take control of most of it, she'd probably be better at arranging the wedding anyway!

Obviously I'd have a say on who was invited and location etc. But appart from that I'd be fairly laid back about it.

There would be one stipulation though, not to coincide the wedding with the football, I don't want to do what my dad did by taking a hand held radio into the church!!!!