Tied down to a genre?


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Do you only listen to one type of genre of music?

I have a friend who refuses to listen to anything besides Heavy Metal, which is ok, it's his own style of music, and that's what he likes.

I just feel that people like my mate are missing out on so much more, in terms of musical experience, because they're tied down to a specific genre.

What do you think? Are you one of those people, who can't listen to anything besides a certain genre?


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I am the complete opposite of this friend of yours. I am extremely passionate about music and am always looking for new genres, artists, etc. There is literally only one genre I don't listen to and that is "Country". Everything else I will at least give the time of day to listen to to see if I like it or not, from heavy metal to punk to classical to blues and jazz to anything you can name really!!


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I don't like everything, but I do listen to a wide variety of genres. I have a friend who listens mostly to hip-hop and hardly anything else. I guess everyone will listen to what they like, and there's nothing wrong with that. I enjoy having broad tastes though so I can mix things up.


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I'm fairly picky with the music I listen to but overall I enjoy a very wide variety of music. I use to be like your friend and refused to listen to anything except rock but once I started venturing out I realized how much I was missing.
I like almost all the genres of music except gangsta rap and hiphop some rap is ok like the Sugarhill Gang but thats as far as I go, however my fav is heavy metal like KISS, HammerFall, Manowar and so on.
I'm pretty much tied to rock music. But there's so many different forms of rock, I feel like I listen to lots of genres if that makes sense.

I do listen to other types of music. I like classical, 80s pop, a bit of jazz, blues, stuff like that. I think it's the time era that I'm completely stuck in. I won't listen to new music at all really. I obviously have to when I go to clubs and that, which I don't mind because I'm used to it, but I'm picky with my personal music. It's all 50s-80s with maybe about 10 or so individual exceptions.
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Yeah, I am somewhat guilty of enjoying something and sticking with it. I only listen to rock music but I do listen to a wide range of rock music, at least.

I like classic rock (The Beatles my favorite band ever), I listen to alternative, some punk, hard rock, metal etc etc.

There are a few rap songs that I can tolerate but not many. I do not like to country music in any way shape or form.


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I usually shift from genres my self back in the day that is. For a whole month, I'd listen to nothing but Punk Pop/Rock, Rap, RnB and so on....but now I listen to pretty much everything. If I hear a song I hear regardless of genre that I like, than it's all win.


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I listen to several genres: alternative, pop, classical, rock, jazz, etc. but I have "genre phases" like the times when I'd mostly listen to one particular genre coz it's my mood.


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My iTunes collection pretty much has music from every genre, and i think every genre would be listened to depending on my mood! I used to listen to pretty much only classic rock/psychedelic hippy music when i was a kid (no wonder people though i was weird when i was a kid) but now i listen to anything from rock, pop, metal, electro, rap, classical, country... anything!

Having said that, i'm pretty picky within those genres! I won't just listen to anything. But i love searching through the crap and finding a few gems in a genre i haven't really listened to before.

haha, because of this diverse music collection actually, my newest roommates thought i was a complete weirdo before they met me, cus ofthe music coming out of my room. They'd hear Slipknot one minute and Dido the next. They didn't know what to expect before they met me! :p
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