Tickle Monster banned from park

It's kinda creepy, but there didn't seem to be anything malicious behind it, assuming he's telling the truth about always asking parents first. |:


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Yeah the whole asking parents thing is what made me think, "Perhaps this guy is just harmless". I mean, he could just go about doing malicious things without parental permission.


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My thoughts too.

I'd always wondered about that - there are all sorts of things you definitely can't do without permission, but asking just seems weird.


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If a stranger came up to me and asked if he could tickle my children, I would tell him no and then probably go to another area of the park. While his intentions may be harmless, you just never know these days. I most likely wouldn't report him or call police though, unless he actually did something that was inappropriate.


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It might not be anything "bad"... but come on. It's just weird and unnecessary. I wouldn't want some stranger coming up to my kids and tickling them either.

I mean... I can't believe I'm even having this conversation. That's how off the wall this idea is.


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I would be kind of creeped out if someone came over and asked me if my kids can tickle him. I don't know how I would react, but I'd probably be shocked at first that he's actually asking me this. I would think to myself, if he's being serious.


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It seems as if he thinks that by asking permission, it makes it ok for him to be tickling children that have nothing to do with him. I can understand the pleasure he gets in bringing joy to a child but if he has his own family members that he can do it to (which that article states that he does) I don't see why he should feel the need to go to parks looking for children to tickle.


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He must have been blazed. I would have called the police on the spot. Too bad I don't have kids that he can tickle. HE MIGHT TICKLE ME!