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Tickle Me Elmo


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Alright, who has a tickle me Elmo? lol. I was watching a video on CNN and they had 2 tickle me Elmo's left and the third person who wanted the Elmo threatened to pull a gun on one of the people who got a tickle me Elmo.

I went to Target's the other day and they had a sign that said that it was sold out and wasn't sure when they will be getting another shipment.

I guess the only place to get a tickle me Elmo is on Ebay but be prepared to pay double the price or more than what it is selling in stores.


not a plastic bag
I had 8 of them. I have since found them new homes. Mattel intentionally cut the shipment back by 30% to create the sold out situation. It worked. Good for them.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
They have some pretty cool flipping feature or something now. Since there aren't enough, you know the kids are gonna eat that up. I saw it on T.V. somewhere, that thing is freakishly adoreable.


what? no pink?
yea he is pretty cute. He sits down and then stands back up again, slaps his knee and rolls back and forth laughing :)


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I tell ya.....if I ever see them in stock I'm buying every one :D A nasty thing to do? Yeah, maybe....but........