Ticket Fraud

Discussion in 'Money & Investing' started by Dragon, Nov 21, 2005.

  1. Dragon

    Dragon Registered Member V.I.P. Lifetime

    I was just reading this article and this guy is in deep trouble if he gets caught. He was selling tickets to OSU vs. Michigan and never sent the tickets. I don't think he had those tickets in the first place. I saw his feedback and I have never saw that much consecutive negative feedbacks before.


  2. technoflutemom

    technoflutemom Registered Member

    I don't understand how people can get such bad feedback and still be selling. When does it get so horrible that people stop bidding on their auctions? Feedback is the first thing I look at when I buy. One bad one I can over look. Two, if it seems like the seller tried to solve the issue or the buyer was deranged. Three, it's a pattern.

    Not saying anyone deserves to be ripped off, but adults do have to take some responsibility for themselves and their own well-being.
  3. palefrost

    palefrost Registered Member

    One time i bought an auction for cloths for my toddler. It was a one day or three day deal. I was so excited about the great looking cloths and the price, i didnt even look over at the feedback:shake: That was the last time i made that mistake :mad: They do pull sellers if they reach a certain level. I dont know what the number is but Ive seen it happen.
  4. karenlyn

    karenlyn Registered Member

    My question is why anybody would BUY from someone with so many consecutive bad feedbacks. I mean, the feedback system is in place for a reason, after all. I don't mean to say that it's the person's fault that they get cheated, but... it kinda is. Don't they check the feedback first?
  5. technoflutemom

    technoflutemom Registered Member

    Consider it an x-dollar lesson, palefrost. I've actually almost just hit that "buy" button without reading feedback a few times when the price has been unbelievably good.
  6. Chandra

    Chandra New Member

    For some people, the excitement just gets to be too much for them. They see they great deal and bid before checking.

    As soon as I open an auction ... before I even read the details ... I glance at the feedback. If it's less than 100% I read feedback first before wasting time on the item description.
  7. mamab

    mamab Registered Member

    I agree with Chandra. I don't buy if there are negative feedbacks. One or two negative comments are to be expected, but if there are HUGE amounts, why take a chance? The odds are against you.

    My question is, at what point does eBay tell the person that they aren't allowed to sell any longer??
  8. palefrost

    palefrost Registered Member

    Oh yeah it was a lesson and now i always slow myself down and look it over a few minutes before i hit "buy" . This was my first and last time.
  9. kknight0506

    kknight0506 Registered Member

    well those people dont seem to be smart enough. still buying tickets even after seeing negative feedbacks. before i buy anything, the first thing i see is the feedbacks which the seller has received from buyers, only then i think about bidding for the item.
  10. SouthernGal

    SouthernGal Registered Member

    I can't get over it. I wonder if he took his money and ran? Or, the newspaper article mentioned possible foul play?

    I know each and every person is kicking themselves for not looking at his feedback. I learned from my SIL's mistake, and I *always* check feedback. If the feedback % is less than 99% or so, I always look over it and see what happened.

    There is no way I am going to send any money to someone who has less than stellar feedback. That would be taking a chance that I am not willing to take!

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