Thursday July 13th 2006, Sorcerer Of Dark Magic

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Sadly this card is just a waste. Right when I thought things were getting better they turn around and hand me this card. Oh well that's fate for you.

Basicly you need a high level spellcaster out on your side of the field in order to get this thing rolling. The only spellcasters that can really be used to bring this guy out is Dark Magician, Dark Magician Of Chaos, or Chaos Sorcerer.

The reason why I have stated that the Dark Magician can be used to bring out this power house is because of his support. Yes it is true that his level will make the requirements but that isn't the point. In a well build deck you can have several Skilled Dark Magicians in your deck with a well support group of spell cards that will grant the Silled Dark Magicians in your deck the ability to Bring out Dark Magician. With as much support that Dark Magician has it will eassily be a good pic to make Sorcerer Of Dark Magic hit the field.

The reason why I picked Dark Magician Of Chaos as a good pick to bring out Sorcerer Of Dark Magic out is becuase it too has some support. While it's support may nto be as strong as Dark Magician's support it still has support that can help it hit the feild fast. In fact it's support lies with the Dark Magician him self. By using a spell card known as Deadacation Trough Light And Darkness you can quicly turn your Dark Magician into Dark Magician Of Chaos. Being able to do that can help at times seeing how Dark Magician Of Chaos requires two tributes to get out and has a good effect.

Last but, not least I picked Chaos Sorcer as a good pick. This happens to be the number one played monster right now. A lot of players use 2-3 Chaos Sorcerers in thier deck to gain contol over their opponenet and push for the win with Return From The Differnet Dimension. His ability to be specail summoned makes things that much more intresting when you are going to be specail summoning Sorcerer Of Dark Magic.

Now that we have decided on which monsters we are going to use to bring this power house out it is apparent that we look at it's stats and effect. His stats boost a remarkable 3200 atk and 2800 def. Thats strong enough to destroy any monster that is commonly played (excluding Spirt Reaper). Aside from his stats his effect is promising. He has the ability to negate traps which is a good thing. If a peron was to play this card they would be able to stop any treat in that comes in teh form of a trap while doing so for free. Being able to do someting of that nature makes it very important.

Yes people it gets better. If it's strength and effect weren't enough for you then you will love this. Sorcerer Of Dark Magic is a dark monster which means he is chaos food. Yes people that means he can be used to play the beloved Chaos Sorcerer. Also if you were looking to make his level benifit you all you have to do is use Metamorphosis on him and you can get out your Master Of OZ out in record time flat. Trading in a 3200 hitter for a n even higher hitter is sweet.

Traditional: 1-5
Advanced: 1-5


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Back when this card was released Magical Scientist was still allowed and the ideal combo to get this big guy out was Magical Scientist, pay 2000 to special summon Sanwitch, then tribute Sanwitch for this guy.

Nowadays he fits in a well built Spellcaster, specifically Dark Magician, deck. Although Lavoid mentioned that this card will fit the current metagame with duelists playing 2-3 Chaos Sorcerer's, this guy is slow to getting to your hand. With high stats he's unsearchable by any searcher and with drawing being limited to Graceful Charity and Dekoichi's you'll most likely pull your Mobius or Jinzo before this guy.

If this card was easier to summon it could replace Jinzo because it would allow your traps to be played but let you stop your opponents.

Advanced: 1 out of 5
Traditional: 1.5 out of 5 - Pot of Greed adds draw speed making it a bit more playable.
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