Thunderstorms and Computer


Do you turn off your computer on bad weather and thunderstorms?
Has your computer broke down because of bad weather?

Mine has. Once there were powerful thunderstorms which burnt my motherboard. :shifteyes:
The flash of thunder reached my PC and burnt the motherboard. I was running out of electric power in those moments and i was using my computer through the UPS and i was just about to turn it off when it happened within seconds because of the thunder.
I make a mad scramble to save my work, shut it down and belly dive to rip the plug from the wall socket.

If the storm fried your computer were any of your other appliances damaged too?


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My computer itself doesn't get broken during such weather conditions. But it does mess up with my internet connection. :/ And when that happens, we give tough love to the computer and router "bang, pls work" haha - maybe that's the one that destroys the computer after all.
I've never had problems with my computer during a thunderstorm, I just leave it on and carry on as usual. My friend's TV "blew up" once a few years ago during a storm.


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Nope, never had a problem with my computer during a thunderstorm. Sure, I use a laptop most of the time so if it is charging then I unplug it, but the desktop comp is run through a surge protector anyway so that should protect it.


mine is running through an UPS but when the electricity goes off, the UPS doesn't protect it from anything. it just helps to keep it on.


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Yup, I've had a computer ruined thanks to a thunder storm.

The motherboard got fried and something went on with the internet as well.

At the time I didnt care coz it was years ago.

Now we do turn our pc off and all that jazz when thunder strikes.


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I ride it out, because (a) I usually have my computer gear plugged into a multi-socket surge protector, and (b) I like being reckless.


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Lightning hit a powerline by our house about 5 years ago and fried my sister's computer...thankfully its never happened to mine before.

Every time since then I disconnect everything just to be sure. Now days I've go wireless so that takes care of some of the problem.