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Thunderbird problems with delayed emails


New Member
At work (a bank), we have migrated from XP to "7". At the same time we replace Outlook Express and Mozilla-Thunderbird. Normally, Thunderbird is everywhere and nowhere better and faster than Outlook Express and not looking for "compact"-ing e-mails. But we are on the job facing a problem that we had with Outlook Express: When we send e-mails from other banks, companies (I mean 10-20 per hour) does not come east moment when they were sent, (the dunks their mail server) after a while, (when im up and running a mail server) emails received but Tunderbird placed in the inbox with the time when they are sent, not when they arrived, as is the case with Outlook Express. Well, to us, sets the problems, so after looking at the inbox and just scroll down-up to open it. Outlook Express means it is easy Commandments one by one, in order of arrival to our mail server. Question I: Are there options-setting in Thunderbird to arrival (delayed) mails subordinates with time arrives, and not sending?