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Throwing Money Away


Sally Twit
And I do mean literally. I have seen coins on the street and thrown in bins more times than I remember. I don't understand why. Stick it in a jar or something and overtime it'll all add up. Actually taking a penny and putting it in the bin? I don't like that at all.

Do you do this?


Registered Member
Errr no.
I haven't seen money in the bins. It makes no sense. If you don't want your money giving it to charity is a better way to go surely?


Well-Known Member
I rarely use change at all. When i get change at the stores, I just take them home and throw it in my change drawer. I also find change lying around on the floor which probably fell out of my brother or my roomate's pocket. When I get a decent amount, i take it to a coinstar machine and cash it in.

My change drawer. I guess drinks are on me?



Registered Member
I usually keep a huge jars. I've had times where I had $50-$100 of change in jars sitting around. Some people do just throw coins away though, mainly penny's and nickels.


Registered Member
I don't toss any coin away. My favorite Aunt taught me to always pick up a coin, even a penny. She never let one pass by. I kidded her once after she picked up a penny, she was tickled she found it, she goes: "Oops, there's a penny!" I giggled and said to her: "Now just 999 more of them, and you can buy something!" She laughed, but they do add up. After she passed away, I found myself never passing a penny by if I see one lying on the sidewalk or something. I pick it up and bring it home to add to my huge container (like everyone else has) of coins. I toss all my nickels, pennies and quarters into this one thing I have, but all my dimes go into this cute antique piggy bank (actually looks like a pig, made of green glass). He has no hole in the bottom, just a slot in his back, so there's no way to get the dimes out unless one is to break him. And since he's an antique, I won't be doing that anytime soon.