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Throw a 'paddy'...


Registered Member
Has anything ever got on your nerves so much it's made you throw your pad/controller?
Or kick a chair perhaps? Or worse?

Something so frustrating that it has made you snap in such a way.
I'm looking for specific moments, so to divide it from the seemingly general premise of the 'gaming annoyances ' thread.


Well-Known Member
There's one thing in gaming that I just cannot get the hang off, no matter how hard I try. Everyone else seems to do this with ease, but no me. And that thing is jumping.

Anyway, there was one part in Dante's Inferno, where you're descending down into one of the circles, and you have to swing between all these things. I spent maybe an hour trying this. I was getting so pissed and it eventually broke me and I threw my controller away. I think I was in an xbl party with Pam at the time, so she can tell you how much swearing there was. Then I walked away and when I came back, I did it first time.

And i've just started Assassins Creed, and already there have been moments of frustration. I can tell it's gonna be another game where the controller gets abused.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I've gotten pretty angry at games before, but I've never thrown my controller or anything. Usually I get really mad when the AI cheats. Controllers are too expensive to throw.


Sally Twit
I've not thrown a controller but I've hit things like the bed or just screamed out in frustration. Sometimes when you're trying really hard to get past something it's bound to make you mad.


I used to throw controllers when I was younger and wasn't paying for anything myself. Now that the money comes directly from my wallet, I don't throw anything. If I get mad enough. I just quit mid game and go find something else to do until I cool off.


Haters gonna hate.
I rarely ever do. I used to when I played Madden (and lost) to my Dad or to a friend... never been very good! Recently... I would say Super Mario Galaxy 2. Some of those levels are INTENSELY hard. Definitely frustrating.


Internet Dig Dug
I've never thrown a controller just based on the fact that they are so bloody expensive. However I've gotten to the point where I've wanted to a few good times before.


Problematic Shitlord
One Man Army + Danger Close + Pro Pipes/Noob Tubes

Anyone who recognizes that above combo will agree that even if you haven't ever thrown your controller, it's more than likely that your controller has seen its life flash before its eyes at least a few times during these moments in Modern Warfare 2. No other gaming moments really stand out for me.

Actually, I lied. This entire game is one big rage-inducing buttsex festival: