Three Topics in One! - SmackDown! Results / GAB Card / Jeff & Shelton

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    This time it's THREE topics in one! *shock* This time they all connect in sequence so that's why I'm doing it this way. Take a look before you judge! o_O

    NOTE: Lots of SPOILERS!! Be WARNED!!

    SmackDown! Results
    - Kendrick, what the...?!
    - I'm glad they're still using Domino. For now... >.>
    - Finlay & Hornswoggle vs Miz & Morrison - HATE IT! I hate how they make Morrison, a FANTASTIC and underused wrestler job to the likes of Hornswoggle. It's a real shame.
    - Edge had another great match. Good ol' Edge.

    GAB (Great American Bash) Card
    This is what I think the card (match's) will be at The Great American Bash due to tonights episode:

    - Shelton vs Hardy for the US title
    - Finlay & Hornswoggle vs Morrison & Miz for the tag team titles. Hopefully this ends the tag team between Morrison and The Miz and has Morrison focus on single matches from now on.
    - MVP vs Mr. Kennedy - Should be a good match... unless they're saving it for SummerSlam

    Jeff Hardy & Shelton
    It's been discussed in another topic that Shelton may be having a feud with Jeff Hardy. Rumored, but it makes sense. If Shelton has a match with Matt Hardy at GAB, he could bring the title home and create a feud with Jeff for something Shelton did to Matt, perhaps? The beginning of a great feud, I believe.


  2. Unity

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    I really hope Shelton gets the US title. He deserves to hold onto it for a long time.

    I'm loving the feud between Jesse and Festus / Ryder and Hawkins.

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