Three Six Mafia win an OSCAR!

They were the ones behind those features? I heard a rap group won an academy award, but I didnt know who. Thats great.
Although I dont listen to 3 six often, i've managed to notice they're seriously under rated. Maybe this will give them a boost.


My mind is still trying to grasp around that fact. Three 6 Mafia?! They are like the most anti-mainstream rap group around. They haven't even been on the Source Awards or even the BET awards and they went home with an Oscar which is like the best award that you can get in life. My hat is off to them for it though. That's still something that will be in the back of my mind like WTF?!
Yeah man, thats why I think this is so awesome. They rap about sex, drugs and violence for most of their songs and they get an oscar...that is a giant step towards anticensorship lol
yea cus nobody here knows who they are cus people here like mostly rock and japanese

sall good tho


one thing i really noticed when they won how happy they were and wen ever someone else won how they just acts so clam