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PSP Three questions...


New Member
So I'm getting a PSP on Friday and I have three questions.
1. Do the Ice Silver, and Ceramic White colors come WITHOUT a bundle?
2. Does the Ceramic white come without that Darth Vader image on the back?
3. Which color do you like best?


Well-Known Member
I would definitely say that I like the black the best because it gives more of a contrast with the screen to the system so that you aren't distracted by bright colors off to the side when playing, I am pretty sure that the white and silver colors come any way you want, I am not sure about the Darth Vader picture I have never heard of that before.


Registered Member
I just got the black one and i think it looks better than the white, because the white color distracts the screen. It like buying a big white flat screen or buying a big black flat screen-the black just looks better. Hope that helps lol
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Son of Liberty
I got the Daxter Bundle... it came with a silver one. I also bought the silicone cover though... it was white. Honestly I wanted a blue one... came close to buying it on ebay! But freaked out last minute when I realized it was a Japanese version. So instead I just talked myself into the Bundle considering it came with a video and a game which I'll sell both on ebay later! should be interesting.