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Three people indicted in Anna Nicole's Death


Lion Rampant
The drug she overdosed on was chloral hydrate, a notoriously toxic but legitimately prescribed sleep aid. I see no reason to believe that she didn't intentionally ingest a lethal amount on her own volition to escape her physical pain from an abcess that was about to kill her and the psychic pain of which we've all been made acutely aware.

Smith was an adult of sound mind with no legal caretaker; I see a slippery slope ahead if we're going to allow government intervention at that personal level in the doctor-patient relationship and indict the prescribing doctor every time a patient swallows a handful of pills that he or she was explicitly instructed to take one at a time on a clearly delineated schedule.


not a plastic bag
The link implies that Stern was responsible for getting thousands of pills for Smith outside of the system. Perhaps paying the doctor to write the prescriptions in different names or getting them directly from the manufacture. Its really sad - it seems a lot of people saw her as nothing more than a money machine.
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