Three most exciting players...


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What are the three most exciting players you ever seen play and why? Give a small description why you rank that player at that postion. It might be live, or it can be on television, but who are your top three players you found exciting to watch. It can also be past or present.


It's hard to think of three with there being so many that have made electrifying plays convenient throughout their careers. Also the fact that I'm posting this pretty quickly and am about to pull out my random favorites out of my ass. I'm going to post my present favorites, and also ignore the players on my favorite team(s).

Gilbert Arenas
Now a lot of people call him a ball hog, or say the only thing that's remotely exciting about him is how he won't shut up. But the NBA's Chad Johnson is more than what most 'haters' think of him as. When the Wizards are tied, or down late in a game with a minimal amount of time left to play, it's inevitable to tune into the Wizards game. The way Arenas dribbles a basketball makes me think, in my mind, "what's he going to do next?" The impending consequent plan he's contriving in his brain is soon to unfold seconds later. Slashing to the basket, or just pulling up out of the blue for a basket, and while waiting for the basketball to swish the net, turning around like it's a scripted circus act.

Kobe Bryant
Whether you hate him or you love him, when he's on fire and has the ball in his hands, he's possibly unstoppable on all levels offensively. You don't want to be playing him man to man, because he'll just run at you, backstep, and pull up on you with a tricky fade that is usually a miss for most players, but a near-hit-and-make for Kobe Bryant. Run at him on a Lakers fastbreak and give him your best, but he'll likely switch hands with the ball and toss an easy layup in for 2.

Steve Nash
While I'm a bigger fan of Jason Kidd, Nash being the catalyst in the Suns offense gets the vote from me. Heck, I could have easily said Amare Stoudemire or Shawn Marion. But with Nash shooting, dishing the ball off, or just leading a fastbreak down the court in that wild and whacky 3-seconds offensive system, he had the most myriad amount of capabilities comparatively with other Suns' players.


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Kobe Bryant
He can do pretty much everything on the court, and even when his team is down a few. Fans are always thinking "Don't worry, KB24 will save us" and many of the times, he does.

Steve Nash
Nash's great passing always excites the crowd he'll look like hes goin for a layup, and there goes his behind the back pass to Amare or Marion.

Dwayne Wade
He is so fast he'll make the crowd's jaws drop, whther its at home or away.


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Vince Carter: I've been following his career since college, and he's been explosive since entering the league. Then he joined the Raptors and he put on a show, brought them to the playoffs, and he's the best dunker of all time.

Michael Jordan: I only started to watch him around the time he won his third championship, and he's impressed me in so many different ways. The way he can carry a team, the way he plays the game, the way he makes all those amazing shots. The way that he never gives up. He's simply amazing to watch

LeBron James: I could put Kobe at this position but haven't seen a lot of games of him, so I have to go with LeBron, what he's doing right now at his age is simply amazing. It seems like he's been in the league for 10 years. The way he manages a game is incredible. He hasn't shown that he can be clutch when it really counts(except the time against the Pistons) but other then that he hasn't shown anything. But he's still young and I'm sure that will change sooner then later.


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From what I remember...

Baron Davis

random 3s + slashing = excitement

Steve Nash

He usually make neat plays when he squeezes into the lane. Behind the back passes and through the leg passes are fun to watch, especially on slow motion replays...

[any good shooter, can't think one one that I particularly like]