Three MD People You Appreciate Debating Against?


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Who are three of the posters in Mature Discussion here that you really appreciate debating against? These would be people who you generally don't agree with but often times you find yourselves having good solid debates/conversations with them in the MD threads. You might disagree with them entirely but you appreciate their style and can appreciate their point of view because of how they present it and how they take time to break down your own views and question them.

For me, a few of the people I often find myself appreciating on the other sides of issues are:

1. Bananas - I think we disagree on 95% of things but bro you have class when it comes to really breaking down the arguments and not attacking the person. I like to think I'm kicking your butt but I'm sure you think the same thing when you reply back to me. At any rate we've had some really solid back and forth debates and I can definitely appreciate your views and style.

2. PretzelCorps - We've definitely had some heated run-ins in the MD areas but I think in the end we're just continuing the timeless dance of debating the issues. You do a good job of breaking down each point and debating them one by one. Makes me think my replies through carefully.

3. Chaos - I like how you can keep a light hearted style in even the more controversial threads. I haven't debated with you that much but from what I've seen I can respect your style and way of thinking everything through.

Those are my 3 based on recent debates and number of times I've been in threads with them. Kudos guys. I also appreciate the reps during the debates. It's one thing to turn up the heat in MD but it's nice to be able to exchange rep in the midst of the battles to remind each other that we can at least pretend to like each other in the end. :lol:

There are some others out there too but I tried to pick the people that I tend to disagree with on the most issues.

So, who are your three people you appreciate debating against?


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I don't often delve into the world of mature discussion but I do go in there and read what's going on regularly.

There are a few people who I enjoy reading their contributions.

Bananas is certainly one of the leading debators. He's very knowledgable in many fields. He's also got that British wit and nouse!!

I've always had alot of respect for Constantine, he does attack people far too often but when he sticks to the facts and when his mind is on the task he really does come up with some great debating. The down side though is the fact that he never knows when he's beaten and to shut it sometimes.

And I'll agree with you on Chaos, Hyb. I do enjoy his light hearted approach. It really works well and you rarely see him come off worse in a debate.


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The ones whose style I like the most are often people I agree with.

In some cases though I've had interesting debates/discussions with Sui (we debate more on ym!), Icegoat (although he doesn't hang out as much there as I'd like him to), Bananas (when we find things to disagree with) and Chaos (philo/psych stuff). Yeah, they're 4 not 3, so sue me! :lol: It's often a a fun thing to do and I even learn more about things or about them. They don't resort to insults or cheap shots even if it's a heated debate, at least with me, haha (j/k).


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Icegoat (although he doesn't hang out as much there as I'd like him to)

I probably should, trust me you're not the only one who keeps telling me that :hah: Maybe I'll start some focus on MD soon. Tear it a new whole so to speak. Honestly I just havent been all to motivated to participate much.

I do appreciate the nod.


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I barely post in the Mature Discussion. So instead of listing the three members that I enjoy debating with in the mature discussion instead I'll list the three members I love debating in the Sports section with:

Millz: After me he's the most active member in the sports section, he post in almost every sports section, and he's always great for a good debate.

Icegoat: Took him awhile to start posting in the Hockey section, but when he got his foot in the door, he never left. He makes a lot of great points.

Echoes: Doesn't post in there as much as I would like to, but he knows what he's talking about, and he makes you think when you reply to something he said.
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1. Bananas-very knowledgeable and keeps it on topic and not personal.

2. PretzelCorp-also very knowledgeable and a good debater

3. ExpectantlyIronic-to be honest, I confuse him and PC at times when I'm replying but that is a compliment to both. Good at breaking down the argument and very knowledgeable.


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Even tho we disagree 99% of the time.... Bananas is a good debater. He gets me thinking (not to be confused with changing my opinion)

In addition I enjoy debating with PretzelCorps and Echoes as well.