Three Greatest Of All Time


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Who do you think are the top three players of all time and why? Please don't say because he had more goals then somebody else , Please use specific reasons and explain as much as you can.

I don't have enough time to post right now so I'll post mine later.


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First off I believe Gretzky is the best off all time, is records speak for themselves, he has 1000 more points then Messier. He once scored 92 goals in a year which is unheard in todays game.

I believe second has to go to Lemieux if he never got injured or cancer he had a chance to be better then the Great one himself. He was one of the best goal scorers of all time, and he won two stanley cups.

Third I have to go with Bobby Orr, one of the greatest defenseman's of all time, and it's the same with him if he never got injured he had the chance to be number one. He won 8 straight norris trophies which is remarkable. He is one of the best scoring defensemans as well. One of the best overall players of all time.


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Wayne Gretzky of course will be basically on top of our lists. He is first for me as well. If you look at all the records , All the points and games and everything he done for every city he played then you'd be able to see why he is number one. He is the best scorer of all time and he helped to really put hockey on the map in a lot of places. His ability to create and finish plays is uncanned and 1-on-1 he was better then any player ever.

Bobby Orr gets my vote for second. I think that if he was not forced to retire he would have challenged Gretzky for first on the list. In the time he spent in the NHL he basically took the game and paralized it with fear when he was on the ice. Orr was the best offensive defencemen of all time and he created some of Canada's most famous plays of all time. He'll never be forgotten.

I guess number three as much of a toss up as it is would be Mario. I think the Pens as a team would have gotten no where years ago without him and I think the team would have been relocated if not for the hard work of him. As well his ability to overcome all odds was truly one of the more inspirational stories of the recent years.