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Weird Three Great Mysteries of History


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Throughout time we've had a large number of mysteries that, for one reason or another, are total bullshit. We know Amelia Earhart crashed in the Pacific, Atlantis couldn't have possibly been another continent, and Colombus wasn't the first European contact with the New World. There are very few mysteries actually left in the world. I'm going to go over a few "true" mysteries and, hopefully, create a few laughs along the way.
[h3]Voynich Manuscript[/h3]

The Voynich Manuscript is a large volume of 240 pages. It's missing a few. The book is full of colorful drawings of various nonexistent flora and fauna written in an as-yet unknown script. Attempts at deciphering the text have proved futile by even the best cryptographic minds on the planet. Any attempt to Romanize the script has led to a steaming pile of gibberish when read and spoken.

[subtext]Maybe we should give Ozzie a call, I'll bet he could translate it. (Image courtesy: Focka)[/subtext]

It is assumed that the book is of European origin due to the script and images matching the style of the time. Carbon-14 dating puts the age of the velum that it is written on between 1404 and 1438. The first confirmed owner was a scholar from Prague in the 17th century when he sent the book to a friend in 1639, frustrated that it was about as useful to his world as Miley Cyrus is to ours.

[subtext]Kill it with fire.][/subtext]

It then spent the next few centuries in relative obscurity until Wilifrid Voynich acquired it in 1912. It was donated to Yale in 1969, where it remains to this day.

To this day no one has even begun to decipher any of the 170,000+ individual characters. It is not believed to be a single-letter cipher because the lines all flow evenly with no stop. The manuscript has a non-punctuated flow of consciousness style, All of the theories have the same thing in common: No one knows what the hell is going on with this script and likely never will.

Or, it could be an ancient game of D&D.

[h3]Acoustics of Ancient Mayan Temples[/h3]

The Maya builders had a ridiculous understanding of acoustics that we haven't been able to unlock to this day. Strange acoustic properties exist in nearly all Maya ruins. It is amazing that even though most of the temples and buildings are in ruin and the culture declined at roughly the same time as Rome fell the acoustics remain in tact. The Rolling Stones can't even boast that kind of longevity. Modern musicians and public speakers need technology, wires, and electricity (usually) to amplify their voices and music while the ancient Maya needed nothing but a pile of stones and a few animal sacrifices to the Gods.

[subtext]Ozzy knows a few things about that, too. (Image courtesy: Focka)[/subtext]

Among these acoustical anomalies is a temple where your voice changes with every step, rooms where the echo makes it sound as if you have half a hundred speaking voices at once, and the ability to hear whispers that originated 500 feet away! By comparison, the guy with the worst job in professional sports has a device called a parabolic microphone that can pick up normal voices from a distance of about 45 feet. There's evidence of psychoactive drugs used to heighten an effect that involved one voice being reflected back to sound like multiple voices, driving the drugged-up peasants to insanity in some sort of Classical Age rave. It is unknown if these acoustics were intentional or accidental. Recent evidence sho...

[h3]Where did religion come from?[/h3]

This is a question that needs to be asked more often. We know the Maya built the structures with odd acoustics. We know that someone wrote the Vonych Manuscript. What we don't know is how and why humans developed a belief of deities. All religions certainly have their own origin stories. Those stories are the source of a lot of internet nerds arguing about which is best. What we do know is that religion developed shortly after we developed the ability to have abstract thought and cultural differences.

[subtext]I use "we" generously. (Image courtesy: Georgetown Voice)[/subtext]

It is known that organized religions, as opposed to a series of supernatural beliefs, began around the same time we developed agriculture. Religion then started to evolve with technology and society and split off into a family tree with more branches and cross-breeding than the history of the British Crown. It is doubtful that we can ever actually learn the true origin of general religious beliefs, the first god(s), or the first true organized religion. Most everyone that follows a modern religion will never be able to admit that, in all likelihood, everything they believe in originated by one band or tribe who wanted to figure out the best way to control the proletarian so they can collect the largest amount of inanimate objects.

[subtext]George Carlin had a few things to say about that.[/subtext]


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Free Spirit
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Maybe Miley Cyrus can translate the Voynich Manuscript since they are on about the same level.

I really don't think we can say for sure if Atlantis was a continent, city or a figment of someones imagination. There's just not enough evidence to prove any of it one way or another. I know I would like to think Atlantis once existed and maybe even more advanced than the other people on the planet but this could just all be a myth. You know how stuff gets started then embellished upon until there is no truth left in the story.

I think man has been worshiping something ever since they realized it gave them control over their tribe. However you are right we will never know how religion started. I wouldn't be surprised if the sun was the first recognized God.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I think that a pagan type view was where religion originated. The oldest religions are all pagan religions that celebrate natural phenomena and, later, things man have done.