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MLB Three days rest


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
What are your thoughts on pitchers pitching on three days rest?

Personally, I have no problem with it. I'm old school as it gets when it comes to baseball, and I think pitchers arms are so babied this day and age.

I even have less problem with it in a do or die type of game.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
Is there anybody out there who would rather pitch Dan Haren on full rest over Clayton Kershaw on 3 days rest? I sure doubt it!

there's nothing wrong with it in the postseason


Registered Member
I have no problem with certain guys doing it, Kershaw being one. Reason being no history of serious arm/elbow issues and he had an April DL stint so his inning are less than what they would be if he had those 5 starts.


Registered Member
I'll assure you, the MLB Player's Association would be dead set against it ;)

Not sure if I'd want a guy that usually does 7-8 innings per game constantly going on 3 days rest. I'd say arms take more punishment than they did in the 'old' days. Bigger, stronger, athletes.

If you want to risk the biscuit in the playoffs, then sure. It's only going to be max 2 games with hopefully some type of rest after a series ends.


New Member
It'd definitely work in the postseason and it'd be effective. I think having 5 day rests during the regular season eases the arm out to throw in 3 days