Threads that have intrigued you


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So yes, this is very simple, what threads have lately caught your attention (for numerous reasons) or have you found the need to post in all the time?

The one I've been intrigued by lately is the "sensitive guys" thread because it's incredible the amount of blanket statements one thread can have.

And please keep this spam free, I'd like to think this is a lounge topic, not sub-talk. Try to keep this thread flame free please. Whining it one thing, but bitching someone out for something in another thread does not go here and will not go unpunished!


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I'm also intrigued by the Sensitive Guys thread. I'm surprised at how many people think that women are only interested in money.

I'm also drawn to the What is Faith thread to see the brick wall argument between Lone Eagle and "bluedog"


I think that the comments and opinions expressed in The Sensitive Guys thread have more to do with age than anything else. There's a whole world of difference in how one views and handles relationship when one is 20 years old and the way one views and handles relationships when one is 40 years old.

There's a lot of blanket statements because let's face it, younger folks (and by that I mean men AND women) make blanket statements simply because they haven't had those extra 15, 20, 25 years on their backs.

As for women being only interested in money....well, speaking honestly I wouldn't care to deal with a woman who DIDN'T care about money. And so i didn't. I married one who was just as interested in making money as I was. So there goes that problem solved.


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I have to go with the Babe Ruth thread in the Historical sub-forum of the Baseball Section. The knowledge that ShoelessJoe3 and Sultan of Swat have of the man is simply amazing. I keep asking questions about the Legendary Bambino and those two keep coming up with answers. Even if your not a Baseball fan you should read up on it. The man we call George Herman(Babe Ruth) lived an exciting life in and out of baseball.


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Sensitive Guys Thread for me... At first I was just reading it, as I occasionally do with MD topics. But when I read Tipsy's and Lone Eagle's posts, I couldn't help but respond...

Seriously, how can someone think that all women want the bad boy type? But besides that, I think it's an interesting topic.


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I'd have to go with the No Mercy thread in the wrestling section. It's cool how we can get so many responces on such short notice of the PPV matches and how half the PPV has not even been announced yet. I can't wait to see after the PPV how many responces we get there.


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Random Thought thread, really.

I don't really have any other ones. I just post in any, not that they catch my attention or anything like that.


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I think the best thread we've ever had at FC was "Homosexuality and Lesbianism." I tried to find it in the archives for a good old fashioned bump, but I couldn't seem to locate it. I'm sure Senator and Merc remember that thread well.