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Thread 1,000: Who's your idol?


Problematic Shitlord
So who do you look up to or idolize? Are there specific people that you draw inspiration from or look to in order to better yourself?

I look up to my father a lot because he grew up without a father, so he had some rough patches.



A Darker Knight
I don't truly idolize anyone, but if I did, it would either be my dad or my grandpa. They both became succesful (especially my grandpa) starting from near poverty.


No Custom Title Exists
This guy isn't a part of my famly, but I idolized him because he is a very succesfull football player, as a kid, I used to attended every single academy that he owned to learn his skills, and now, I know every single trick he can do, all my soccer skills, i owe to him. He is a brilliant player and his name is Dejan Stankovic, who plays for Serbian national team and Inter Milan.

I also idolized by Uncle because he taught me everything, while my parents were working, he would come to my house every single morning before school, check up on me and teach me some other stuff that they didn't teach in school. I owe him everything.


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
I idolize all who are worth idolizing in my life. I mean there are many I idolize because of something special that they do that seems to stick out to me and I wanna do just that or something like it. One person I did idolized above the rest is my deceased uncle, he was like the dad I never had:D Well my dad is living but still.....

The Abyss

i idolize my family, for they have been with me for everything i've been through


There are many people I admire or look up to.Most are mainly family members people I know and trust.
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