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Now that it's all over, what are your thoughts on the 2010 World Cup?

Personally, I believe it was a terrific tournament, nice looking goals, entertaining matches, great goal keeping and some nice shockers.

The only thing that I didn't really like was some of the refs, the diving by players and that Brazil didn't win it all.



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Overall, I was somewhat disappointed, although I must admit most of my feelings about any World Cup are coloured by the fate of Brazil. With that proviso out of the way, here goes.
My feelings were that it was a big financial bind for South Africa, the richest country in Africa, to stage this tournament, hence the constant reports and opinions about what it can "do for Africa", and the never-ending assurances of how wonderful it's all been for ordinary people. Personally, I think that's all a smokescreen. Months before I was hearing that people at the grass roots level of football in the country were doubting it would do them any good; and ordinary South Africans were saying how they couldn't afford tickets even if they were being offered to them.
Aside from the good feelings a major sporting event like this might engender for a month or two once the cameras are packed up and gone, unless the home country wins, I don't see how it can in any way materially improve the conditions of the vast majority of the people. The best African players already play in the top European leagues, and have done for some years. I know on an individual basis many of them do a hell of a lot for their communities, and perhaps many from outside the continent might be moved to do similar as a result of WC 2010. But Africa needs alot more than another hospital here and school there.
How does one of the official songs of the tournament go? K'Naan's Wave your flag?
Bringing us promises
Leaving us poor
I heard them say
Love is the way
Love is the answer
That's what they say
But look how they treat us, make us believers
We fight their battles, then they deceive us...

I just hope Africa has more sense than to fall for all this feel good horsec***. At the end of the day she'd better realise that Europe grew rich by raping her and exploiting her people, and that what Africa needs isn't charity but pride and self-reliance and seeing that she has everything she could possibly need already, and always has.
I'm sorry if I got a little intense there. On a lighter note, the football itself.
Like I said, disappointing, not helped I must say by the new ball. Germany got the hang of it first having used it for months in the Bundesliga. Perhaps one of the reasons Italy and France were so abysmal?
Refereeing was noticeably disappointing, but when FIFA uses people from places like Outer Mongolia and Burkina Faso what can you expect? At what standard have they officiated?
The performance of African teams was a major disappointment. Seriously, I was expecting two or three of them to make the quarters and one to go on to the final. Algeria in 1982 and Cameroon and Senegal since have made far greater impacts than any team here and that frankly borders on the disgraceful.
The lack of flamboyantly exciting, exotic football, the more "Europeanized" style of play on exhibit, was another downer for me, with even the Brazilians and the Dutch succumbing to the functional approach. It proved unsuitable for both in the end.
I can't remember a world cup with so few memorable goals.
I can't help thinking that the Spanish, though they always played football and they played clean, won almost by default against teams too timid to really have a go and take them on. The fact that they won their last four games 1-0 would support this, most of the goals coming late against teams tired of chasing the ball. They've scored the lowest number of goals of any Cup winner.
This tournament reminds me most of 1974. Scotland went out in the first round undefeated then, New Zealand this time. Both teams were the only ones unbeaten in both tournaments, West Germany being beaten 1-0 by their Eastern neighbours in '74 in the initial group stage. Brazil were unrecognizable then too, and were knocked out by Holland, the beaten finalists. Argentina got stuffed 4-0 both times, by Johan Cruyff's team in the earlier competition. Italy were knocked out in the first round then too. Yugoslavia were the seventies version of Portugal, promising more than they delivered: their only win in their six matches was the biggest of the whole tournament, 9-0 against Zaire. Remind you of anybody?
The most entertaining team throughout did make the final, ironically not the Dutch this time, though the final bore little resemblance to the great one of 1974.
I hope I'm wrong, but I suspect there's so much fear in the game now that the flowing beauty and wonderful excitement, not just tension, of the past may well remain there: in the past. I remember a time when you were guaranteed a memorable match in the World Cup Final. The last truly great Final was 1986. It was also the last time both teams scored until 2006.
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This was the first world cup/soccer tournament I'd watched with any interested. From what I can tell, it seems to be less of a sport than it is a European men's dating service for diving enthusiasts.


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Now that it's all over, what are your thoughts on the 2010 World Cup?

Personally, I believe it was a terrific tournament, nice looking goals, entertaining matches, great goal keeping and some nice shockers.

The only thing that I didn't really like was some of the refs, the diving by players and that Brazil didn't win it all.

I think it was a fantastic tournament, some good goals/goal keeping, entertaining matches and like you said, "Some nice shockers". I'm a bit disappointed that none of my teams won (Brazil, Argentina, England) but, it was worth the wait.
Italy didn't do anything, neither did the U.S. really, both had some sort of potential. 2014 will be the same, but in 2018 I believe Italy and U.S will be wonderful squads


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I didn't get to see the end of the tournament, but from what I did see it was a very entertaining World Cup. It started out slow in the first round of the group stage, with teams struggling with the new ball as well as playing very cautiously. But after that it really picked up and teams started scoring more goals. There was a lot of controversy with the refs, but that happens every World Cup. There were plenty of surprises, such as Italy going out early, and the French team self-destructing. And I'm really glad it was two new teams in the final with Spain and Netherlands, instead of two teams that always get there, like Brazil and Germany.


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i was dissapointed at Englands performance,, very poor. The tournament itself was pretty good after a slowish start:D I still wonder How germany beat Argentina 4-0, (even England scored against Germany:rolleyes:) I had thought it would be Argentina and Holland in the Final, well one out of two aint bad,,, although i did think Holland would win:shifteyes::lol: I felt realy sorry for Ghana when they went out too