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Thoughts on Lita's Career


I ♥ Haters
I think everyone will agree when I say that no other woman has really made a bigger impact in women's wrestling than Lita. Sure, Trish Stratus was extremely influential, but Lita was the first woman to do a moonsault or hurricanrana, while Trish was still a valet for T&A. Lita solidified my interest in wrestling. I loved that girl (no homo) I mean, she could sell a powerbomb or Pedigree better than most men.

YouTube - dudleyz put lita through table

YouTube - triple h pedigrees lita

However, what really bothers me is how she left the WWE. Okay, fine I understand that Matt Hardy has a very strong fanbase and when Lita cheated on him, it was natural to assume that his fans would be upset and feel raw about it, but was it really necessary for the WWE to play it out in a storyline? I still think Matt Hardy is a douchebag for revealing that Lita cheated on him. That one move on his part totally ruined her career. If that wasn't enough, Lita's retirement match was just awful. Not only was she booked to lose her final match, they even hosted a "ho sale." I know it's fake (duh!) and I may be looking a little too into this, but when Trish Stratus retired, you couldn't help but feel proud of her. She put on an epic last match, got a standing ovation and it was the best way to go. With Lita, I felt embarrassed watching her final few moments in the ring. I keep getting the feeling that since Stephanie McMahon is in charge of the WWE's Creative Department, she may have had it out for Lita. Of course, this could just be my imagination, but I've never seen a Diva being so degraded before.


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that ruined lita's career but it MADE matt hardy's haha...hard to blame him...

i always liked Lita though...she was very innovative in the ring