Thoughts on Death Note....



I was recently watching it and I think its a well developed story w/ great characters and keeps you thinking....What are your thoughts on it....?


I'm reading the manga, but that's about the same.
Story is indeed top shelf, but alas only to about half of the entire story.
Once L dies, the story gets less interesting and a bit repetitive.
I've seen the first episode of the anime, and I gotta say it's pretty damn well drawn.


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The first half of it was awesome... but the second half wasn't as interesting.

I suppose it isn't a rare opinion. lol Still even the last half was good.


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It's a great show. The characters are very interesting and likeable, I don‘t dislike any of the characters(which is unusual for me) I think that is one of the big reasons I like it so much. The story is very engrossing and there is never a dull moment. It's just one of those rare gems.


I know this post is quite old, but I have to say I full heartedly agree. The first half is absolutely amazing. This is the only Anime/Manga I have ever really enjoyed. The philosophical question this show uproots are just amazing and it can really make you think!
The anime is ridiculous. They tried to make eating dramatic. |:< but they only had the one way to do it. The writing scenes are laughable.

As for bad stuff, the main character is pretty bland, the last half of the series feels half assed, and the one good character dies half-way through