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Scary thoughts on Bliss's avatar


aka ginger warlock
I get the feeling if I close my eye's it will try and come at me through my monitor like in The Ring...


Registered Member
However, if their heart is not in it any more then they should be honest about that and look to the people here who would kill for the chance.
She may not be coming out of your monitor, but she's all too willing to kill you.


I ♥ Haters
Are you comparing Michael C. Hall to a monster?

Go fuck yourself with a rusty spoon.


still nobody's bitch
close your eye's what?
yes I went there
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aka ginger warlock
I don't wish to blow all of your's bubbles (no pun intended) but check this out:

That's right, he is GINGER


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No real opinion except bloody good show...
To be honest, I'm trying to figure out what the bird is in Crouton's avatar... I keep thinking Peregrine Falcon but it just don't look right... Anyone know?