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Discussion in 'Religion & Philosophy' started by Boredie, May 26, 2010.

  1. Boredie

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    Is it a sin to have thoughts which are not appropriate to your religion?
    Is having such a thought equal to acting upon it?
    For example, if you think about drinking alcohol, yet your religion prohibits it (Islam), is it the same as actually going ahead and drinking the alcohol?

    If the answer is no, that thought doesn't equal action, then is having thoughts such as those, permitted to have in your religion? Since we know that thought can lead to temptation which can lead to action.

    So does it boil down to "thoughts of sin are actually a sin?"

  2. Wade8813

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    In Christianity (which is no longer my religion), it's commonly believed that thoughts are only sins when they go to far. For example, lusting after someone else's spouse is wrong (lusting is different than merely noticing)
  3. EllyDicious

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    For the Islamic religion, even bad thoughts are considered as sin [whatever they are]. It means Satan has invaded your brain and as far as I know, Muslims do some rituals and pray to get those thoughts out of their head.
  4. Hiei

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    According to Christianity, thinking about sinning is just as bad as sinning. If you lust after your neighbors wife, then you're an adulterer. If' you've ever been mad or thought ill of someone, you've mentally murdered them. So on and so forth for any of the commandments. And if you break one commandment, it's just as bad as breaking all of them which will send you straight to hell on the judgement day.
  5. Boredie

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    Judaism regards "evil" thoughts as sins as well.
    But controlling one's thoughts is much more difficult than action.
    Therefore one who is able to control his thoughts is rewarded more than one who stops himself from action.
    Maimonides had it well put:
    So he is actually saying that thoughts of sin are worse than actions

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