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Those Dealer Only Parts


Registered Member
I had a mechanical issue the other day and no auto parts stores had the part I needed to fix it. I had to order it from the dealer, but here's the thing......It was a part that only took an hour to install after I unistalled the old one. I always thought that dealer parts would require the service department to install them as they have special tools that we don't.

Anyone know why such a simple part would only be able to be gotten from a dealership?


Registered Member
Money. THe manufacturer does not release the part information to the public so you have to buy through them.


Registered Member
As Impaired said, it's a money thing. I have always thought that some parts are like proprietary things that certain manufacturers make that are unique to their vehicles. I'm sure that is not 100% correct, but that is how I always looked at it. Kind of like medications that you have to purchase brand name and then generic ones.


Free Spirit
Staff member
They want a monopoly on the parts. Then you are forced to go to them for it and often the repair.