Thorn: Some Rumors Fact, Some Fiction



Ken Berger of New York Newsday had one of the conversations with Rod Thorn in which an intrepid reporter tries to get the Nets GM to comment on trade rumors. And as usual, he got the Thorn line familiar to Nets fans: "I'm not going to comment on any conversations I may or may not have had about any of our players". Thorn did admit he has had conversations about "every one of them" and that includes Jason Kidd. Meanwhile, Berger reports Nets and Knicks have differing views on Friday's matchup.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
First there was huge rumours that Carter was going to be traded now the rumours are about Jason Kidd getting traded, to be honest I don't think anyone is going to get traded, the team is playing well of late, and they are happy with what they got, accept they want a big man. But I say keep the big three, because there the one who are going to lead them to the playoffs.

Also all the analyst(so called experts) who were saying Carter was going to be traded are all saying he's not going to traded anymore. Rumours are usually false.