Thomas On Contest: "I'm Just Into The Free Money"


Sultan of Swat
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Chicago Tribune -
Tyrus Thomas downplayed his excitement in being in the slam dunk contest on Monday night when he was asked about it.

"Not really," Thomas said. "I'm just going to go out there, get my check and call it a day."

"I'm just into the free money," he said when asked if he thought fraternizing with the great dunk champs of years past could be of benefit to him. "That's it. I'll just do whatever when I get out there."


Thomas Apologizes, Will Compete In Contest

The NBA considered rescinding their slam dunk contest invitation to Tyrus Thomas, but he was contrite and will compete.

"It was a miscommunication and understanding of words," Thomas said, answering evenly, his eyes directly meeting each questioner. "I take it as a lesson learned. I hate that this happened. I don't want to give a bad impression. I didn't even think I said it in a way to make it be as if I was saying, 'OK, I'm going out to get a check, and that's it.' I didn't [want to make it] like that at all."


yeah, I like Thomas, but there's no excuse for what he said. That's a cut and dry statement. Oh well, lesson learned, move on.