This will save everyone a little cash


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Directory assistance... gratis. Found this little gem on another forum and it's legit. 1-800-Free411. Every time I use it I smile knowing Verizon doesn't collect another dollar from me.
Wow, I like free. althought I do have to admit I am a skeptic! I feel that just aobut anything free has to have a catch.


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I feel the same way. I'm an eternal skeptic so when you come across the genuine article you gotta support it. I'm on board with any business who's core philosophy revolves around the concept of free stuff.

In a stroke of weird synchronicity my sister sent me an email last night about how today is the first "Free Day." I turned her on to the 1800Free411 number and apparently they are launching the first "Free Day." On 4/11 no less. Get it? Yeah, clever eh? Anyway, here's the site that's launching the promo:

There's a pretty good list of other business freebies on it as well.
The catch is you have to listen to two ads during your call. That's the only catch though. I also use it all the time; much better than paying for directory assistance!