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This Will Change Ur Life


New Member
!!!!!!!!!!Just joking, but speaking of changing lives, I need something life changing. I'm 12 years old and im sitting listening to music and typing with 3 guitars and clothes all over the floor. Im on school break and its raining and Im wearing a che geuvara t-shirt and sweatpants. None of my friends are around.
I need something life changing.
If I wanted to have the best chance of something unexpected to happen what should I do? Please post ideas and suggestions
I live in New York


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Staff member
Hmm, interesting question. In what way are you hoping to make a change?

One thing is for sure, if you continue to practice guitar you are definitely starting at a young enough age that you could be pretty awesome by the time you are out of highschool.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Drop the rebel attitude, research the English language, and learn how to write. Literature is the best way to change the world, one mind at a time. Think about it, we still read books that were written 1500 years ago.


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hmmmm.... well if you wanted to add more excitement... you could use one of them guitars and a couple of friends and form a band. you can say whatever you want in lyrics, so you can change your life however you want with them.


New Member
You're 12, your life has barely started! Life-changing events don't occur until you've actually had a life. Get out of your room, call your friends and see what they're doing! Or better yet see what your parents are doing and spend some time with them. Parents love when their kids actually take an interest in them, and usually the kids discover the parents will take an interest in them, as well. Your parents can be a whole lot of fun, if you give them a chance.


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Hello kid,

"THERE IS NOTHING PERMANENT EXCEPT CHANGE". So try to know what reality is, concentrate on the present aiming to get better in the future.All the best!
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