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  1. gmanlink

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    Another discussion for you all.

    Would a long, but boring life be suitable for you or a short, but exciting one? In my opinion, the latter is much more preferably because you can enjoy life more, although you'd end up causing grief in others for such a short life.

    I wouldn't understand why anyone would choose a long, but boring life. One wouldn't be able to enjoy the frivolities that friends and family host or the joy of a relationship or the birth of one's own child.

    Which would you choose and why?

  2. EllyDicious

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    long and boring.
    I can't stand the idea of a short life no matter how exciting it might be. The idea of the early death scares me.
  3. Boredie

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    First you got to determine what boring is and what exciting is.
    Why can't a relationship be boring or exciting?
    Also there are lots more options than just boring/exciting. Where would you fit in dramatics of one's life in the boring or the exciting?
    I guess I'm reading too much into this hypothetical question. :dunno:
  4. gmanlink

    gmanlink Registered Member

    Well, a life that's purely boring is impossible.
    So imagine a life that is not impacted by any significant events, for example, 9/11 or a tax refund. One may be doing the the same daily routine everyday with some occasional deviations, such as going out with a lover, but the meeting may be uneventful and gray at best.

    For a short but exciting life, imagine a typical "jock." It doesn't have to be a jock, but I think this scenario best represented this way. The jock is the life of the party, the party doesn't start without him. He entices women and has his way with them if he wishes to do so. He enjoys the benefit of numerous and close friends. He's essentially the epitome of the American dream. Rich, popular, famous, socially adept, etc. He may settle down with his chosen mate and start a family.
    Occasionally there may be those moments where nothing happens, and these moments may be considered boring, but I doubt it considering that the jock may end up thinking of the highlights of the day. But in this scenario, life is short. So the jock dies at an early age, causing grief and sorrow among his friends and family. In a sense, he's created a small version of the emotional aftermath of 9/11 (this may be exaggerating, but you get my point.).
  5. CaptainObvious

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    After reading your last post I don't crave any of those things, I have no use for being rich and famous or popular, in other words living a fast life. I have my family and my friends and I strive to be the best person I can be, treat people respectfully, be the best son, brother, husband, father I can be, and be as good as I can be at my job. My stress relievers are reading and exercising just about every day. That would probably be considered boring by that standard but I'd choose it every single time.
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  6. maracudja

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    Yes I fell the same. Sometimes some choises are looking more exciting, but when you are really thinking about it, the more important things can be somewhere else. Perhaps when you know you did the best you could in your life, you have something to bring with you when you die.Money, cars, or this kind of things can stay after us....
  7. gmanlink

    gmanlink Registered Member

    CaptainObvious, maracudja, you guys are much nobler than most if not all of my friends. My initial choice would've been a shorter life, living the "fast life" as Captain stated. But now thinking in his perspective, I can see that a boring life is more admirable, yet somehow enjoyable.

    However, a short, but exciting life doesn't necessarily need to be the "fast life." One may be burdened with a disease that exceedingly limits the person's length of life. In that case, excitement may be considered as spending more quality time with family and friends; the excitement from appreciating things that will soon be lost to you either from not telling anyone your early death or doing so. (The popular adage of "You don't know how great something or someone is until you've lost the thing/person" may relate)

    In addition, a long boring life may be one in complete seclusion. Such as living in the wild. Surely it wouldn't be exciting, but one could obtain peace of mind.

    In either cases, I think the popular choice would be the former, the fast life, theoretically. I think that most people are so poisoned by the Media's intoxicating illusions of outward appearances, money, power, intercourse, etc., such that this fast life is a more appealing choice than the long, boring but self-satisfying life. (In the sense that people may obtain peace-of-mind, cherish family values, etc.). However, it's a shame that few people would choose this because those that do appreciate more things in life than those who choose to life a fast life.
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  8. maracudja

    maracudja Registered Member

    so let's takes advantage of our life every day, moments of happiness!that is the main part!People who are able to do it have the the real wisdom!!:)
  9. PretzelCorps

    PretzelCorps Registered Member

    Err, shouldn't you have died at least once before making this decision?

    That aside, I'll take medium and somewhat interesting, thx.
  10. gmanlink

    gmanlink Registered Member

    Well, there was a difference in grammar and punctuation usage. The first comment you wrote was written clearer than the second. So I thought someone hijacked your account and posted random comments on random threads.

    Well, probably yeah. But we all know that's impossible. Dieing once and living once again to tell the tale. We're speaking in a theoretical perspective. Fyi, there is no "medium" when you're given two choices.
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