this keeps me up for the last 20 minutes


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there's a new stat. the thread spree stat. here's what echoes has to say about it:

Yeah. I think this award is just going to encourage a shitload of pointless threads, duplicate threads, or threads that just aren't very well thought out.
what are your thoughts? is this going to encourage a lot of pointless threads? if so, will there be a veritable "shitload" of them? how many threads do you think one could get away with duplicating?

these are the questions that keep me up...and now they can plague you, too!



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Maybe I should rename this to Himeko-Talk.

And I don't think there will be too many pointless threads. If so I will just restart sprees at 0. It could actually help keep new and fresh discussions going.
It might cause a bit of "thread spamming," but nothing too bad. I doubt there will be that many people who will really care, and those that do already make a decent amount of topics.