This just in, Disney bitch fails


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Oh man! I just lol'd so hard at one of the comments beneath it...



This truly is horrible though! Typical of Disney to fucking cash in on an internet craze. If this catches on you can expect to see 'High School Musical 3: The Star Wars Kid enrolls' and 'Cinderella 2: LEAVE CINDERELLA ALONE! SHE'S A HUMAN FUCKING BEING! SHE LOST HER AUNT, SHE WENT THROUGH A DIVORCE, HER HUSBAND TURNED OUT TO BE A USER! A CHEATER! SHE'S GOING THROUGH A CUSTODY BATTLE! LEAVE BEAUTY ALONE! ALL YOU PEOPLE WANT IS MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE! LEAVE HER ALONE!'


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Wow. That's horrible. I love how every last comment on YouTube is flame. It's well deserved flame too. That song is infinitely worse than the original. And I don't really mind the original either. This is just plain stupid.

The techno in the background is absolutely ridiculous. The name of the CD this is on is called "OMG Jams". OMG is right. I hear that song and I think to myself.. omg.

Although "Fail Jams" would probably have been more suiting.