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This is why I hate Willow Smith


I ♥ Haters

Look at that smile! Doesn't that smile show how cocky she is? You know what that smile is saying to me right now? "Mmmhmmm, I'm 9 years old and richer than all of you assclowns. I don't got a work a another day in my life and I'm only 9! Whooo!"

I'm hating on a 9 year old. I need to get a life. :shake:


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And I hate the fucking vid too.


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I love Jada though.
What a weird thing for me to open and see. :lol:
My granddaughter, the one I have custody of- her name is Jada. And she was named after Jada Pinckett-Smith. My daughter liked Jada Pinckett a lot, way before she became a Smith even, so that's why she chose Jada for her first child.