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This Is True Brotherly Love...


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Boy, 9, Killed Defending Sister From Rapist: Cops - NBC News

Wow This brother is really a true hero but died in vain...
It took a real punk to do something like this and I hope he gets caught really quick.

I hope the girl will tell the truth and get as much protection as she can in order to tell
the truth.

What do you think should happen if he gets caught? How much protection should this
girl get in oder to come forward?
Will the law let this brother die in vain and not give help for the sister whom he obviously loved so much?
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Free Spirit
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You know not to take away the heroics from Martin Cobb because he was just that.
But when the media goes and puts in details they should make sure what they are.

Martim went from 9 to 8 yrs old and his sister went from 11 to 12..
Does that matter too much? No but sometimes when the media tells a particular story with details that are not final it gives a different light to what the story really is.

And the one question I would ask right now is.. When did this suspect have the chance to tell the girl to give a wrong description?

I wish and that is all it could be ..but I wish that if there were a second chance for Martin that instead of trying to take this creton on by himself he would have ran for help instead.

Boy, 8, Killed Defending Sister From Rapist: Cops - NBC News


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As if rape isn't bad enough, we have a murder (even a child) involved with this one too?

I hope this guy is charged for first degree murder, rape, assault, and any other counts he is inevitably guilty of in the past. I hope he never sees the light of day again.

Sick, just plain sick.