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This Is Probably Why Half the Internet Shut Down Today [Update: It’s Happening Again]


Registered Member
Yeah, a huge DOS on DYNDNS who a lot of people rely on.

A-holes. Probably the Russians.


Free Spirit
Staff member
Probably someone sitting in their basement that did this.

If it was the Russians they have been busy lately if they have done everything they are being accused of.


Registered Member
LOL! If it was the Russians, they haven't had time to pee.
Zero issues here and zero issues from anyone I know in real life.
So maybe immigrant Daesh (IS) supporters. They have the money and the tech and they're getting slammed in Iraq and Allepo... just saying.


Registered Member
Whoever it is, we can only guess atm but they are violating International Law. The UN declared Internet Access a basic human right and they condemned the disruptions last summer.
UN thinks internet access is a human right

I hope they discover who they are and put them on the Interpol wanted list. The disruptions seriously need to be prosecuted.


Registered Member
The WikiLeaks people, Russia, China ... One of those probably.
There are a lot of smart kids out there that are right up with, and sometimes ahead, of modern technology. The latest events show that clearly.

How long before Jihadists recruit people to that standard? You feel its kind of inevitable someday.