this is no fair

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mods its no fair that the same boy neg rep me over and over thats not fair please what do i do please? i dont want to have a red rep :cry:
Barbie I'm not tryin to be a dick, but this definatly doesn't belong here. What people choose to do with rep is their own choice, there's no controlling that. You made some posts that people disagree with, it's going to happen. it's happened to all of us. Don't fret. This thread needs to be closed though, sorry!


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why its asking for advice i didnt knwo where else to put it...

also its not like alot of people.. its just the same boy becasue he dont like me even though i was nice to him and its no fair
why would you neg rep me angel thats so mean i always positive rep you you meanie
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Because it's not the appopriate place. I gave you the advice you're going to get. Just ignore it. Post more better posts and you won't get negged. People's rep is completely up to their own decision, nobody not even the mods can tell them to positive rep you. thats just the way it is.


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Barbie, you cannot really ask people to stop giving you rep (positive or negative). If you're bothered by this lack of control, I suggest you switch off your rep. :nod:


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I want to be fair here, so I'll throw in my two cents:

On one side, I understand how many here were appalled by Barbie's "problem with gross boy"-posting, and I think when she gets negative rep for that, she had it coming.

But in order to be fair, I'd say people shouldn't give her bad rep more than once for that posting, or at least not more than once for each posting she made in this thread. I think it's unfair to declare her a kind of "personal enemy", and keep giving her negative rep for other postings she made, although the disagreement and/or animosity stems from that other thread.

Don't you think that would be fair?

Also, I believe giving a person a second chance is a matter of fairness. People got worked up about that thread of her's, understandably, but I also think that was a lesson for her. All that needed to be said has been said to her in this thread. And she seemed to accept it.

So why not giving Barbie a second chance? I'm sure she'll be less careless from now on, and maybe has many interesting things to share. And if there is disagreement again, that's a good chance to tell it to her again.

Just my two cents.


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Remember that high horse i mentioned? All the neg rep is people kicking you off it.

I'd neg you, but your brainless whining hurts my IQ; i'd hate to see another thread titled 'Stop negging me you meanies!'.
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