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Video This is How We All Lose Our Boating Privileges...


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One day, nobody is going to be allowed to own a boat anymore and we'll know who to blame for that.

This was... insane.

Apparently this is a thing. Because look what I found in suggested videos...



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As someone that’s been in a serious boating accident that came inches from killing multiple family members, this honestly pisses me off. What kind of selfish person would do this? You run a major risk of killing someone else or yourself when doing this.

the accident we were in was caused by another boat. We were parked in a perfectly legal and typically safe spot. They rammed us from the side and caused something stupid like $16,000 in damage to the boat because of how hard they hit it. Alcohol was involved but I don’t know if it was a factor.

I think in order to operate a boat you should be required to have a license to do so. Legal issues on the lake should also be run by police and not the parks and recreation department.
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